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Je unaridhika na huduma zitolewazo na Taasisi mbalimbali za Serikali zilizopo Mkoa wa Pwani?

Naridhika sana
Sina Uhakika
Siridhiki Kabisa

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Coast region has a typical coastal climate with a mean temperature of 30C. The rainfall pattern ranges from 800mm to 1000mm per annum.There are two seasons, the short rainy season between the months of October to December and the long rain season between March and June.

The Region has attractive environment for investment due to its good infrastructures in road network with total length 1,924.9 km of which 501.5 km are trunk roads connecting the Region with other regions, two railway transport systems, which traverse the region: the Central Railway Line from Dar es Salaam to Kigoma, Mwanza, Tanga and Arusha; and the Tanzania- Zambia Railway line (TAZARA) from Dar es salaam to Morogoro, Njombe and Mbeya regions up to Zambia. Moreover the Region is connected to the national electricity grid providing a reliable source of power. In this area, however, there is potential for publicprivate partnership (PPP) type of ventures to establish feeder transport system in the form of roads and railways linking to the Central Railway and TAZARA systems.

Apart from economic infrastructure, Coast Region has many investment opportunities favourable for both domestic and foreign investors in farming and processing of agricultural, and livestock products, setting up of industries, engaging in domestic, regional and international trade, tourism, business centres, fishing and fish processing, infrastructure development (roads, railways, pipelines, electricity, water and ICT), mining and mineral processing and social service provision.